Friday, November 27, 2009

Free legal Go eBooks

Even though there are out there illegally in PDF format.  Yes. There are a few go books available in PDF format, but they're few and far between. The vast majority are only available in dead tree format. Since I (and I assume many other voracious readers) plan to purchase more digital and fewer physical books, I want to know if Go publishers plan to follow the publishing industry's general trend and offer larger online selections.
Plenty here if your reader can handle PDF well.

Here are some free, legal books on pdf

Remember. Physical books have higher resale value.

Well there's a big difference between reading from monitors and ebook reading. I had a cybook ebook reader for a while and was quite comfortable reading novels - e-ink displays are very easy on the eye.

However, nowadays I feel I don't have the time to read random novels or histories so its value hinged on Go books. Perhaps newer ebook readers will have a better spec but the cybook couldn't handle pdfs of books scanned in as images - they were too big. It couldn't manage the Go world free example pdf for example or the copy of All about thickness I bought. It would have been fine if I'd had a big collection of sgf tsumego to covert to pdf myself (i.e. do it properly). That said, only books with high readership seem to be 'worth it' for publishers to do proper ebook versions, so if I were ever to get another ebook reader (I sold the cybook) it'd have to have about 5Gb+ (ideally 50Gb+) storage, decent memory and good pdf scrolling capabilities since my guess is the level of support of the ebook format isn't going to improve - though I'd love Slate & Shell to move into that market and prove me wrong.

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