Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well, Well.

It's been more than a week and I really had no time to improve my GO skills. However, I have got my new Goban from It is 10 sm in height made out of beach pieces. Looks quite nice and I have already played two games with my girlfriend. She is new to this game and it was tough to explain some part to her. Had to give her a handicap of 13 stones ^.^
Well I lost by around 35 points. I like my new GO board a lot and I think my Girlfriend does too. Otherwise she would have not played a game. Well she also likes furnished white glass stones.

By the way, I had some time to play a few games online. KGS. All my games were free games coz i didn't feel like playing rated games. Don't know why, but I get a bit afraid of going down in rank. I think everyone has the same fear. Sometimes I don't really care about rank but sometimes for some unknown reasons I do. A bit strange.

So I have lost pretty much all games online. I have also played a game vs 5kyu player who gave me a 9 stone advantage. Well! I got owned so much I wanted to cry. You begin to think that it is impossible to do anything. well :D the final score was 250 stones to mine 35 or so. The difference is outragous.

That's it for now.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Book!

Just came across a nice book! I think I will get to it right away.
It is called "Opening Theory Made it Easy". I just went through a few pages and I think that it is the book I was looking for and it will help me to overcome the opening problems I had before. The book also has some Joseki so - should be good too.

1st post ever!

Hello World,

So this is the day when I take my first steps toward my GO improvement.
Right now I'm 23kyu on KGS. At least that what it shows. My "?" mark has dissapeared on 24 kyu, since then I have managed to get to 22k and of course dropped down right back to 23k again. So far I have played over 40 games on KGS and i'm glad to play more.
I want to improve and get to 1D.
This is my goal.

As for the stats:
Currently, I'm studying "Second Book of GO", when I get tired I do Life&Death problems in Many Faces of GO, I'm working around problems of lvl 40-50. I couldn't make it farther yet. I'm also studying the Graded Go Problems - Vol 2, Dunno why, but I have desided to skip the 1st one, I think I haven't missed much by doing so. As soon as i'm done with "2nd book of GO" I want to start the "38 Basic Josekis" I think it is the main part that i'm missing right now. I get quite confused on how to reply and play in particular situation. I need some book that could help me out.

I have also tried IGS server but it was quite hard to find a game there. Thus, I have switched to KGS, it is a nice server, but the software options they use are a bit low. Also, I want to try the cyberoro server too, I have seen many players there, a lot more than on KGS and probably much stronger too.

Since today, I will add more information with every next hour or day, week, decade or month. Let's hope that we won't have monthly breaks.

Ok then, here we go!