Tuesday, March 07, 2006

8th March

So this is the famous women's day.
I'm congratulating all women in the world.

Пусть первый подснежник
Подарит Вам нежность!
Весеннее солнце подарит тепло!
А мартовский ветер подарит надежду,
И счастье, и радость, и только добро!

Вот такое поздравление!

Sorry for russian :)

As for my GO, omg 7 days have passed since the last post. I have played a few games since then. I have also tried playing on Cyberoro server and IGS. I had 2 games on IGS which I have won quite easily. However, all my games on cyberoro were a sure loss. I have played 5 times and lost all 5 of them. Seems to me that people there are much stronger than on KGS.

Go progress so far!

no problems solved
no books read
no game reviews done.

Not good at all!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Duh! 1st March Already!

Time is passing by quite fast. Just a while ago I was updating here and it is already more that 1 week since then. There actually many things that happend over this period. For example I have signed up for KGS tournament for 25th February and missed because I thought it was 24th while it was 25th February. Strange, but when my mouse went over clock panel, the date appeared 26th February. I was Like WTF>> got Screwed up!

I have also had some games on KGS and got some of them reviewed by good players.
My rank went to 21 kyu. Let's hope that it is not a final stop.
I have played several games with my Girlfriend and she is a bit into it, but not as Go addicted as me. She is interested but my teaching is far from being any good. I need to improve in that field.

I had no chance to begin reading "The opening theory....." just had no time for it. However I have read something else. A few pages from Second Book of Go and several pages from some russian book on Go Forms. Quite interesting book, it shows stone positions and explains what positions are bad and which ones are good.

Over the weekend i was solving go problems in Many faces of GO. Got to Level 67. After that it is just too hard for me. I wish I could change the promlems order the program gives. Like Opening problems, Joseki problems, tesuji etc. Something like at goproblems.com

Have to play more games. more. !!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well, Well.

It's been more than a week and I really had no time to improve my GO skills. However, I have got my new Goban from GoFigure.com. It is 10 sm in height made out of beach pieces. Looks quite nice and I have already played two games with my girlfriend. She is new to this game and it was tough to explain some part to her. Had to give her a handicap of 13 stones ^.^
Well I lost by around 35 points. I like my new GO board a lot and I think my Girlfriend does too. Otherwise she would have not played a game. Well she also likes furnished white glass stones.

By the way, I had some time to play a few games online. KGS. All my games were free games coz i didn't feel like playing rated games. Don't know why, but I get a bit afraid of going down in rank. I think everyone has the same fear. Sometimes I don't really care about rank but sometimes for some unknown reasons I do. A bit strange.

So I have lost pretty much all games online. I have also played a game vs 5kyu player who gave me a 9 stone advantage. Well! I got owned so much I wanted to cry. You begin to think that it is impossible to do anything. well :D the final score was 250 stones to mine 35 or so. The difference is outragous.

That's it for now.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Book!

Just came across a nice book! I think I will get to it right away.
It is called "Opening Theory Made it Easy". I just went through a few pages and I think that it is the book I was looking for and it will help me to overcome the opening problems I had before. The book also has some Joseki so - should be good too.

1st post ever!

Hello World,

So this is the day when I take my first steps toward my GO improvement.
Right now I'm 23kyu on KGS. At least that what it shows. My "?" mark has dissapeared on 24 kyu, since then I have managed to get to 22k and of course dropped down right back to 23k again. So far I have played over 40 games on KGS and i'm glad to play more.
I want to improve and get to 1D.
This is my goal.

As for the stats:
Currently, I'm studying "Second Book of GO", when I get tired I do Life&Death problems in Many Faces of GO, I'm working around problems of lvl 40-50. I couldn't make it farther yet. I'm also studying the Graded Go Problems - Vol 2, Dunno why, but I have desided to skip the 1st one, I think I haven't missed much by doing so. As soon as i'm done with "2nd book of GO" I want to start the "38 Basic Josekis" I think it is the main part that i'm missing right now. I get quite confused on how to reply and play in particular situation. I need some book that could help me out.

I have also tried IGS server but it was quite hard to find a game there. Thus, I have switched to KGS, it is a nice server, but the software options they use are a bit low. Also, I want to try the cyberoro server too, I have seen many players there, a lot more than on KGS and probably much stronger too.

Since today, I will add more information with every next hour or day, week, decade or month. Let's hope that we won't have monthly breaks.

Ok then, here we go!